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Jim "The Shark" Dreyer at the podium
Jim "The Shark" Dreyer headshot
Cornerstone Strength
in the Face of Burden

"The strength of the human spirit

knows no limitations."

Looking for some inspiration and motivation?  Hear from the man who controlled a lifelong fear of water from a near-drowning, and "stretched the limits of known human capabilities" by accomplishing what no other person, living or dead, has ever done ... in the OPEN WATER!

In a presentation aptly entitled, Cornerstone Strength in the Face of Burden,  Jim "The Shark" Dreyer weaves spellbinding tales of his adventures with lessons learned about achieving extraordinary goals.  Jim will share his mindset and methods for controlling fear, overcoming obstacles, maximizing your potential for success and making dreams a reality!


"The Shark" is very comfortable, naturally conversational and entertaining, whether speaking to audiences large or small, or being interviewed by large contingents of media.  Even after days of continuous grueling physical activity, it has been said that Jim handles the post-event press conference like a White House Press Secretary. 

If interested in booking Jim Dreyer for a keynote presentation to help your attendees harness their cornerstone strength, please Contact Us.


Lessons Learned from Amazing Stories You Will Hear

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