Our Veteran Swim Team

Supporting a Michigan Veterans Organization to be Named




























The Mighty Mac Swim is proud to support and empower U.S. Veterans who have sacrificed with valor for our freedom.  We are thrilled that our swim will be ceremoniously and symbolically led by a team of wounded Veterans who will endeavor to swim the Straits of Mackinac with us!  The Veteran Swim Team is the new face of the Mighty Mac Swim. 


This will be a life-changing experience for the participating Veterans, whose wounds of war may be physical, invisible or both.  This will deliver an empowering message to all Veterans and activate widespread support for  a Michigan Veterans Organization.  Most importantly, the four wounded Veteran swimmers will show the world (and themselves) how capable they are! 









A Truly Rewarding Fundraising Experience



Make your Mighty Mac Swim experience even more

rewarding by supporting a Michigan Veterans

Organization and saluting the courageous efforts of

our Veteran Swim Team with a donation.  Not only will

you feel good about giving back to the wounded

Veterans who have given so much to us, you will

receive some great Veteran Swim Team merchandise

as a gift!  All of this commemorative attire is red to

symbolize hardiness and valor, like the red stripes of

the American flag.  Please ask your family and friends

to also graciously make a donation.  Let us show our

gratitude to the Veterans as they emerge triumphantly

from the water to a landscape of red! 

This link will be live soon.  Please check back and support our Veterans!

About Our Benefiting Michigan Veterans Organization



                                                                                                                                                           Please look for information here soon!

Meet Our Veteran Swim Team

Look for team bios and photos here soon!

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