Aerial View
Aerial View

The course from above

The Mighty Mac Swim race course
The Mighty Mac Swim race course

Just follow the bridge!


Aerial View
Aerial View

The course from above




                                The Mighty Mac Swim  

                                                      is an epic 4-mile swim across 

                                                                                           the beautiful Straits of Mackinac

                                                                                           between Michigan’s upper and

                                                                                           lower peninsulas, alongside the

                                                                                           majestic Mackinac Bridge.  This

                                                                                           celebrated annual event is both

                                                                                           challenging and awe-inspiring! 




Internationally sanctioned by the World Open Water Swimming Association (WOWSA) and a member of the

Global Swim Series (GSS), the Mighty Mac Swim has been placed prominently on the world stage. 


The Mighty Mac swim is held as a competition, but whether or not you wish to race, everyone who makes it

across the Straits of Mackinac is indeed a champion!  Make no mistake, this is a “bucket-list” experience!

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"Finheads" Pioneered Straits of Mackinac's Evolution
into Premier Open Water Swimming Venue

It was the Mighty Mac Swim which opened swimming the Straits of Mackinac to public participation.  As recently as 2007, there were no more than 20 documented swims across these Straits.  Then on Labor Day of that year, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Mackinac Bridge, 50 made the crossing all at once as part of the first Mighty Mac Swim.  Incredible!  But, that was just the start.  Skip ahead to 2019 ... when an amazing four hundred swimmers churned the waters and challenged the Straits of Mackinac in what has now become an annual Mighty Mac Swim spectacle! 


                                                                             Oh, how we have grown!  Oh, how we have broken down barriers! 

                                                                              The Straits of Mackinac area is rich in history involving Native American inhabitants, French settlers, fur

                                                                               traders, missionaries, British & American fortresses and the building of a bridge which once seemed

                                                                               inconceivable.   "Finheads," as Mighty Mac swimmers are affectionately called,  have raised the bar and

                                                                               introduced to the masses a once unthinkable alternative to crossing the Straits via the bridge spanning

                                                                               above them ... a more romantic way, fueled by adrenaline.  Finheads now have a place in Straits of

                                                                               Mackinac historical lore!


Experience the exciting new tradition of the Mighty Mac Swim!  Join the next big adventure by registering below.  Be a Finhead! 

Like Jim "The Shar" Dreyer, Mighty Mac Swimmers are "Finheads"
Your Vision is clear.  Your vision is 2020. 
Complete the 5th Mighty Mac Swim!



Do you have 2020 Vision?

Once open to only a select few, the Mighty Mac Swim now safely

accommodates a maximum of 400 swimmers for just a $375 entry fee. 

It has been said that we have set a new industry-wide standard for safety in

an otherwise often treacherous open water venue.

We encourage you to first read what you Need to Know, then sign up for the

adventure by clicking the REGISTER  button below or on any page header.


Mighty Mac Swim double-exposure
Here is What You Get!


  • The pride & satisfaction of completing a true “bucket list” swim!

  • Unique and coveted Finhead trophies for the overall top three male and female finishers.  The male & female gold medalists are invited back the following year for free to defend their titles.  Handsome Finhead age-group medals (3 deep, male & female) and FiIN-isher’s medals for all who reach Michigan’s upper peninsula (also make great Christmas tree ornaments). 

Mighty Mac Swim is a "bucket list" experience
  • Induction into the soon-to-be-established Mighty Mac Swim Hall of Fame for overall  champions, multi-time age-group medalists & multi-time finishers.   Details are forthcoming! 

  •  Participation in the Mighty Mac Swim earns you global ranking points in the Global Swim Series!

  • Pre-swim sunrise cruise aboard Star Line’s Ottawa to the Mackinac Bridge and a 5-6 foot jump from the ferry deck.  This experience is topped only by the swim itself!

  • Mighty Mac Swim athletic jersey (You can only earn a jersey through participating in the Mighty Mac Swim.  These will never be for sale to non-Finheads.  Other merchandise is available for purchase in our Shop).

  • Logoed Mighty Mac Swim latex cap

  • Mighty Mac Swim bumper sticker

  •  The Straits of Mackinac area is famous for its' fudge.  For as long as we have an Official Fudge sponsor, packets must have fudge!

  • Finish line buffet with extensive menu (complimentary to swimmers)

  • Private refreshment tent for swimmers in secured finish area  

  • Swimmer Informational Meeting in conjunction with packet pick-up to answer all of your questions 

  • Download great photos of your Mighty Mac Swim experience from our Facebook page.  In addition to action photos (i.e. crossing the finish line), our photographers will take posed photos of you showing off your medal with family & friends in front of the Mackinac Bridge.  

  • Downloadable sample training schedule and strategy

  • The  Mighty Mac Swim participates with RaceJoy, so your family & friends can track your progress during the swim using the RaceJoy mobile tracking application.

  • Connect with fellow Finheads to network and share your workouts through the Mighty Mac Swim Facebook GroupMighty Mac Swim STRAVA Club.       

  • Steep discounts on Aquaman wetsuits, open water swim buoy/dry bags and other swim accessories (including goggles, neoprene socks & hoods). 

  • Discounted lodging 

  • Special offers from area attractions

  • Saturday night fireworks over the water in St. Ignace.  We can’t take credit for this one, but you will enjoy it (if you're not already in bed)!

  • Priority Registration:  2021 registration opens for returning 2020 swimmers 48 hours before public registration.  Registration for waitlisted swimmers opens 24 hours before opening to the public.  Waitlisted swimmers who serve as an event volunteer will be bumped up to 48-hour priority status with the returning swimmers.  

Volunteering & Waitlisted Swimmer Incentive


Experiencing the Mighty Mac Swim as a volunteer is also

unforgettable and rewarding!  If you are interested in learning

more about volunteering, please click the “Sign Up” button on

the page header.  When you land on the RunSignUp page, click

the “Volunteer” tab and check out the opportunities!  We are

looking for general volunteers to serve in a variety of ways,

in addition to kayakers, lifeguards and more.  We use the term

“volunteer” generically, as some are paid positions.  We would

love to have you on our team!


If you sign up to volunteer, you may refer back to the RunSignUp

Volunteer page anytime for a refresher on volunteer details. 

Prior to the event, an informational document with full agenda

and detailed procedural instructions will be emailed to you. 


Waitlisted swimmers who agree to be removed from the waitlist in favor of volunteering, will be guaranteed 48-hour priority registration status for 2021, along with returning 2020 swimmers.  This means volunteers, formerly on the waitlist, will be given 48 hours to register before public registration opens and 24 hours before the waitlisted swimmers are given an opportunity to register.  Swimmers on the waitlist will likely sell out the event before registration ever opens to the public.


All registrations are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis, but if you accept this offer for top priority registration status, your entry will be all but guaranteed.  Let’s do the math.  We need approximately 100 volunteers.  Generally, 25% - 50% of the 400 swimmers return the following year, meaning it is likely no less than 200 entries will be available to no more than 100 volunteers. 


Volunteering is a great way to see what the Mighty Mac Swim is all about while assisting others in reaching a “bucket list” goal!


Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Mighty Mac Swim.  THANK YOU for transfusing your energy into one of life’s great experiences!

Taking care of details.JPG
Mighty Mac Swim proudly supports our Veterans
Our Veteran Swim Team


The Mighty Mac Swim is honored to support and empower

 U.S. Veterans who have sacrificed with valor for our freedom.  We are inspired by a team of wounded Veterans who ceremoniously and symbolically led our swim in 2019.

We endeavor to further this worthy initiative by providing opportunities for wounded Veterans and taking fundraising to another level!  Please stay tuned for more details.